3k lunch!

A couple of years ago when I was training for my first marathon and looking for better ways to get the miles in and manage my time I came up with the concept of ‘6 at 6’. Having recently read the book “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy I was full of ideas on how to forget worrying about getting things done and to take control of my day. (Highly recommend read by the way!)

It was simple really, I needed to run 6 miles at 6 am two or three times a week. I started it in the winter on the theory that things could only get better and it was going to be the worst thing I’d do that day… As the mornings got lighter, the temperature increased and my fitness improved I really started to enjoy it!

Well now roll the clock forward a couple of years and unfortunately I’m no longer doing the 6 at 6…. Why? Well two reasons…

1. I’m traveling more with early start commute
2. I let other people’s priorities take control of me and feel like I haven’t got time…

So in comes the 3k lunch

I couldn’t do 6 at 6, but I could easily run a minimum of 3km in 20mins during my lunch. As much as I used love my visits to the cafĂ© or the ‘bap van’; having done a week of the ‘3k lunch’ I’m already seeing the positive effects in the afternoon!!!

The 3k lunch is helping me to take a break from the desk, go and get some fresh air, see some sunlight (great in the winter when traveling to and from work in the dark) and help to clear the mind!!

I’m aiming to run at least 5.5km per day to hit my 2014km challenge and running 3km as a minimum each lunch is really helping to chip away it.

My aim is to get a buffer of 30km ahead of me, so the I’m planning on having between 3 and 5 ‘3k lunches‘ a week to help achieve this. Having only done a week of this I can see I’ll be seeing some great benefits all round…

So what are you waiting for??


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