I’m really enthusiastic about helping individuals and businesses to be better in everything that they do. I’ve been involved in change initiatives, continuous improvement and business intelligence for most of my career and found many similarities in the ways to generate success. The thoughts and views in this blog are my own and in no way endorsed by my employer.


Professionally I work in Business Intelligence looking for ways to streamline and improve the management of data to provide the business with more efficient business reporting solutions. I help to drive strategic initiatives to enable the business to make the right decisions!

I also support the Process Excellence Network where I contribute to one of their columns. To find out more click here

I am active member of Junior Chamber International (JCI), where I served as 2013 President on the local council team for JCI Sheffield.

When I’m not sat in front of a laptop I love to be outdoors… I’m a keen runner and love nothing more than going out for a run or walk in the country, whatever the weather, to clear the mind. I’m always up for a challenge and have completed a number of marathons, half marathons, endurance races and outdoor challenges. I wouldn’t say I’m a super fit athlete but I do always try to push myself by setting goals and challenges to complete each year.

I believe that teaching to others is one of the most powerful things you can do and this blog is my way of sharing my experience. In doing so I hope to gain feedback from others and enable the development of those that use this information.

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