Consumerisation and corporate systems

Day to day I work with users of various corporate systems to improve utilisation and give improved outcomes. Too often I see systems that have been developed purely for functionality without consideration of the users who work with the system. As technology moves forward and big brands such as Apple bring us intuitive and aesthetically pleasing solutions there is a paradigm shift taking place.

In the past the decision for technology was taken by the IT team based upon the products available in the corporate marketplace. However as iPhones, iPads and Android devices continue to grow in market share the people that work within your organisation are becoming more and more aware of “what is possible” and expect the same when they come to work. The challenge now for business’ is to deliver not only functional capability, but aesthetics and usability within their corporate systems. The key to success in any type of initiative is engaging with those involved hence the importance of truly understanding their requirements.

“It’s about understanding the need for ‘consumerisation‘ in the corporate solutions”

My focus is now on ‘consumerisation’ to ensure any solution I’m involved in both delivers what the business needs but also the experience expected by the user.

If you were to asked why you you the system you do at work, the answer is because its the system we have to use. However if you had a choice, would you use something like an iPad or Android device to complete the task.

If yes, why?
…. Because it’s easier to use?!

How does this link back to business intelligence? The answer is easy… Users are at the heart of delivering excellent business intelligence both in contributing to capture and create the data at the start of the process and consuming the information ate the end.

Data quality – Gaining the buy in and support to use the systems better through consumerisation will help to drive better quality data.

Informed decision making – Improving the uptake and usability of business intelligence reports through consumerisation will support the use of information to drive improvements in the decision making processes within the business.

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