Infographics at work

One thing I’ve found over recent years is the growing importance of not just the data you are trying to represent, but how it looks and feels to the user. I think in today’s age of the ‘consumer is king’ and their inherent requirements, this doesn’t stop when you get into the workplace. The things that we all love about the products and services we consume day to day on the Internet, through social media and on mobile applications applies equally to the workplace!! Therefore to drive engagement and improve levels of understanding we should adopt the same techniques.

The messages we want to convey from the data being analysed must be presented in a way that engages the user in way that compels them to want to know more…

“It’s all about the user experience”

One way I’ve found and I think is a great opportunity for businesses is to use infographics (for those of you who don’t know what these are check out this link by to display their internal facing data. As soon as you Google the word ‘infographic’ you’ll find hundreds of examples of these images and there’s a great one a the end of the blog from Marketing Julep’s site.

Companies spend time and resource in developing great content to tell a story for consumption outside of the business, however how often do we forget to use the same techniques for those that work in thebusiness? Employees and partners have the same requirements and therefore the same challenges exist in engaging and telling a story with internal data. One of my goals is to continue to improve the way in which company’s use their internal data to help drive improvement, increase engagement and improve levels of understanding. In this era of Big Data it’s even more important to simplify and consolidate the data available. Infographics are the way to do it…

The key element for me to make these infographics a success is to keep them simple and try to tell a story with the data. I try to use visual techniques like time lines, or size comparisons and limit the amount of colours being used by adopting a simple simple colour schemes.

Well, I’m definitely in the camp of “I love ‘em!” It’s a great way to show and compare data in an engaging way…. Interesting video here on them!


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