Diamond Jubilee and TRIZ

First of all what is TRIZ? It’s translation into english is Theory of Inventive Problem Solving developed by the Soviet inventor and science fiction author Genrich Altshuller.

The theory has three components:
1. Problems and solutions are repeated across industries and sciences.
2. Patterns of technical evolution tend to be repeated across industries and sciences.
3. Creative innovations often use scientific effects outside the field where they were developed.

So what does this mean?

Essentially it means that problems have already been solved and the trick is to understand how to adapt the solution to your situation.

So how does this link to the Diamond Jubile?

In the build up to the 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations I was lucky enough to be invited by the Lord Lieutenant to an afternoon tea celebration with HRH the Duke of York at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield. I attended the afternoon with our President at JCI Sheffield, Sandra Pilarcyzk and over 60 business professionals and entrepreneurs from across South Yorkshire.

The Duke of York surmised the last 60 years and the changes the business community has negotiated. Whilst enjoying coffee I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Rea, Managing Director of Aesseal and Hugh Facey, Managing Director of Gripple and past JCI National President.

On the theme of finding soltions to problems they were kind enough to share their experiences in business. We shared experiences and looked at some of the challenges ahead for businesses and it reminded of TRIZ and how there is so much that can be learned from others and their experiences. Hugh shared projects and initiatives he’d run many years ago within JCI and as he spoke about the solutions I immediately started to think how how these solutions could be adopted to challenges I face today.

One of the most powerful improvement tools we have is to share our learnings with others

Every conversation is an opportunity to learn something as long as you approach with an open mind…


This is why I love to share by presenting and speaking to others about the things I am passionate about!!


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