More miles barefoot… another challenge!!

I’ve been doing all of my ‘3k lunch’ runs in my vibrams and throwing in a few more longer runs at weekends. Feeling confident and strong I decided today to push myself a little further and go for 12 miles!!

Whilst I’ve been running barefoot (well in my vibrams) I’ve managed to modify my gait, but it still isn’t second nature. Today was no exception and for the first 10 mins I was consciously trying to avoid landing on my heals and did wonder if I’d make the 12 miles… But I soon got into the flow of things and started to feel like I was unstoppable!! I think a big part of this was my state of mind… It’s sounds a bit cliché I know, but I started to visualise myself running strong which really did help me to make it a reality.

Now having hit 12 miles I’m thinking a half marathon is more than achievable in my vibrams and there is even a part of me thinking I might even run the Stratford Shakespeare marathon barefoot…?!? This may be a stretch too far for me but I’m going to be slowly building up the long runs each week barefoot. I know many runners have done marathons barefoot, so the question is “Can I achieve it?”

As the saying goes

‘ it’s better to regret something you’ve done than regret something you haven’t done’

and I’m very much of that mindset!

So there’s the answer… I’m going to run the marathon in my vibrams!!

The last few weeks have been tough to maintain my 5.5km daily average as part of the 2014km challenge but the thought of now doing a big proportion of this barefoot really excites and helps to keep me motivated to achieve it. The biggest part of the challenge is believing in yourself and I know if I train and prepare correctly I can do the marathon in my vibrams!!


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