Lean in your life

For those of you that know me, you’ll know I’m really passionate about lean. Some of you might read this and think ’What does he mean by lean?’

Lean is the term used to describe a methodology that an organisation follows to maximise customer value, whilst continually minimising waste. One of the most famous organisations using a similar approach to this is Toyota. However I’m interested to see how many aspects of lean and the underlying tools used to reduced wasted time and resource can be applied outside of the workplace… in the home! I’ve done several talk for JCI on lean tools and training, so look out for next one…

Lean is based upon 5 principles:

1. Define value – find out what the customer values in the product

2. Map the value stream – to understand all the parts of the process

3. Create flow – to remove any blockages that stop things moving through the process

4. Establish pull – to only produce inline with the demand of the customer requests

5. Continuous improvement – to always looks for ways to further improve

As you read through through the above you’re probably wondering how you might apply any of this to your home life, but as you delve into each principle in more detail you’ll start to see the opportunities. The process of applying lean to your life will help you to save time and money to improve your overall levels of satisfaction.

One of the lean tools for helping to improve flow is workplace organisation or 5S, which aims to increase the effectiveness of the workplace. The tools follows a very simple process of 5S’s to improve a workplace, or in my case within the home…

1 – Sort

2 – Set in Order

3 – Standardise

4 – Shine

5 – Sustain

This tool can very easily be applied anywhere around the home and over coming posts I’ll go into more detail using the above 5 steps to improve things at home…

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