The challenge begins…

This is officially my first post of 2014!!

I’ve had a great evening with my wife and friends celebrating the New Year in style, whilst in the depths of the Scottish Highlands…

As the night has drawn to a close and the new year begins, I started to visualise what next year would look like… Many case studies have been written that describe examples of success where writing down goals and visualising them complete significantly helps to see them achieved. Well I’m putting this theory into practice tonight!!

I was thinking about all the fun I will have had in 2014 completing a few of my personal goals.

1 – Run/trek 2014km (including at least 2 official marathons and 2 official half marathons)
2 – Raise £2014 for charity
3 – Trek 100km in the Sahara desert

I thought about all of the runs I will have completed to achieve my 2014km target in the year.
I thought about all of the positive comments from family, friends and supporters with donations on my fundraising page to help me raise £2014 for Safe@Last.
Finally I thought about the great memories and sense of achievement I will have in completing a 100km trek in the Sahara Desert!

I was so excited about starting I just wanted to go out and run right there… However then quickly realising that 12.30am in the rain may not be the best time to start.

To achieve the 2014km target I need to run on average 5.5km each day, which is roughly about 3.5miles. At my current running pace this should take around 30 to 35mins per day. I’ll also be doing specific training for the trek but the running should help with this. So I think the distance each day is more than achievable as long as I don’t miss too many days. Therefore the plan is to hit 6.5km per day to build a buffer.

The first marathon is in April, so training for this will help the distance along. This starts tomorrow, so watch this space and please support me on my challenge!!


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  1. Mark Reply

    Bring it on Dan! Can’t wait to complete Sahara Trek with you. Thanks for agreeing to do it and for such an amazing cause!

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