The ‘new boots’ effect

I’ve been running, cycling and boot camping but probably nowhere near enough walks to prepare myself for my Sahara Trek…

So I thought getting a new pair of boots might be in order to help get me out there… and I can safely say the answer is ‘yes’! I bought them about 8 weeks ago and have now racked up a fair few miles with no sign of blisters or any pain. I’m hoping this puts me in a good strong starting position for the trek, however the I’ve done hasn’t really been that comparable to the Sahara.

One the thing that people who have done similar walking challenges keep telling me is “make sure you have well worn boots!” Well, I guess if that’s the one thing that sticks in their mind then I can’t be going wrong so far.

The plan now is to make sure I where them as much as possible on as many varied walks I can.

So feeling good after my new pair of boots and the effect it had on me wanting to go out and put them to the test it made me think about what other things in life get influenced by something new or something different… A new pair of trainers to inspire running, or some new running kit?

It always seems to be the way and you see so many others use something new or a replacement for something, but the fact is the things you already had probably would have been ok, it’s just you needed that spark to ignite your passion!!

I wish I could end this blog on something really profound and inspiring about how we might change this, but I’m afraid I can’t. The only thing I can think is that once you find the thing that excites and motivates you to do something, then just do it!

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