Week 1 of 2014 challenge – 47km Completed

So I’ve completed the first week of 2014 on my challenge of hitting 2014km running/trekking.

Since the 1st Jan on Weds I’ve completed a total of 47km!!! That puts my daily average at 9.4km and well ahead of the 5.5km average needed to complete the challenge in 365 days. I know this average will drop slightly as last week I had the privilege of being on annual leave in the highlands. Perfect for getting the km’s in running! However I’m now around 19km ahead of my schedule, so fingers crossed I can keep it up…

Back at work in the day the plan is to use lunch time to run between 3 – 4km each day which should allow me time to add another 3 or 4km each night after work. This also doubles as some great thinking time away from the desk to prepare for the afternoon.

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